Instruments - tips
Synth C (Classic Synth)
Synth W (Wavetable Synth)
FX Sample - Grain
(Sampler - FX)
Multi Drummer (Drum Designer-Player-Mixer)
Simple Organ (Organ)
Genre Drums (Drumsets-Players-Mixers):
Trap Drums
(Drumset, Player, Mixer)
Hip Hop Drums (Drumset, Player, Mixer)
Future House Drums (Drumset, Player, Mixer)
Disco House Drums (Drumset, Player, Mixer)
Synth Tech Drums (Drumset, Player, Mixer)
Reggae Drums (Drumset, Player, Mixer)
MULTI Presets
(Multiple preset)
Synth Voices (Leads, Pads, Words)
Hip Hop - Trap Leads (Multi presets - player)
HSSE Presets (Individula Presets):
Synth Piano (Wavetable-based piano)
Hip Hop Piano (Sample-based instrument - loop player)
Latin Pop Piano (Camila Cabello - Havana)
Epic Pad Lead (Itro & Tobu)
Funky Guitar Lead (Itro & Tobu)
Super Saw (EDM Lead)
Pop Pluk Synth (Major Lazer, DJ Snake)
Tropical House Flute (Kygo - Firestone)
Club Bass (Synth-based instrument - loop player)
Hip Hop Sub Bass (Synth-based instrument - loop player)
Wobble House Bass (Don Diablo...)
Reggae Organ (Synth-based instrument - loop player)
Synth Accordion (Oscillators-based accordion)
Synth Strings (Oscillators-based Strings)
Synth Guitar (Wavetable-based instrument)
Hip Hop Strings (Loop-based instrument - player)
Synth Vintage Guitar (Oscillator-based instrument)
Synth Vintage Guitar W (Wavetable oscillators-based guitar)
Synth Bass Guitar (Wavetable oscillator-based bass guitar)
Reggae E Guitar (Loop-based instrument - player)
Synth Kick (Wavetable oscillator-based kick/bass)
Synth Hip Hop Piano (Wavetable oscillator based instr.-player)
Synth Latin Piano (Wavetable oscillator based instr.-player)
Multi Instruments
Multi Strings (Strings instruments)
Multi Brass (Brass instruments)
Multi Woodwinds (Woodwinds)
SF Instruments (Soundfonts-based instruments)
Acoustic Guitars
YDP Grand Piano
Acoustic Drums
Electric Guitars - Clean
DX7 Electric Piano

How to start create music for free...

How to create intro of song (fast-easy)

How to record chord (trigger) pads with computer mouse

Working with drum samples, loops, MIDI  (Trap beats)

HALion Sonic SE - Drum synthesis (Synth W)

Instruments for HALion Sonic SE, HALion Sonic, HALion (Latin disco motive)

How to create beat (Strings, pluck synth, detuned bass, FX sounds...)

Composing from chords progression...

HALion Sonic SE, HALion Sonic, HALion -  instruments - presets (Rock motive)

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VST Nástroje
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Soubory - Projekty
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